Do It Yourself!

You need something? have you ever asked yourself if you can make it yourself before rushing to a shop? 

This doesn't work anymore! Are you sure you can't fix it? Why always throwing anything which has a small problem? 


This page aims to gather all the creative ideas developed by our members to avoid the trap of the consumption society, by:

  • recycling
  • creating
  • making
  • fixing
  • ...

but having a lot of fun!

What we do!!

May 2010
En cette douce soirée de printemps, sur notre terre d'Opale ... la pluie était au rendez-vous. Par anticipation, les 2 jours de promenade sur le GR 120 s'étaient transformés en découverte gustativo-culturelle de notre belle région du Pas de Calais. Finalement très réussie!