Berlin-Boulogne-Bhuj, a postcard project


There is a quaint building on Grand Place in Lille, France called  Le Vielle Bourse  that on weekends, transforms into an enchanting market space for old books, posters and postcards. We often spent our time rummaging through their collection of old used postcards from all over europe. It was magical to discover the story of cities, not only through graphical depictions of the local culture, architecture, food and traditions on them but through the stories of people who experienced it decades ago. 

The Berlin-Boulogne-Bhuj project was created during the bittersweet autumn months of 2011, imagining the stories it may carry for another curious mind to stumble upon years later!

Find our postcards organised by themes below :

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What we do!!

May 2011

Theme : Autumn in Bolougne

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